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What We Do

adtrackmedia is a technology and media company committed to enhancing and amplifying the way subway riders, cities, and leading global brands engage with one another.

The adtrackmedia Experience
How We Partner with Transit Authorities
As the global leader of in-tunnel advertising technology, adtrackmedia partners with metro transit authorities in the world’s top markets to increase overall revenue. With our patented technology, we work with the leading metros of the world to transform the rider experience, improve operations, and drive new revenue streams.

How We Work with Global Brands
adtrackmedia provides a cutting-edge platform that allows our advertising clients to network their campaigns, while also maintaining valuable industry insights and the ability to utilize a novel marketing medium.

How We Enhance Rider Experience
With our high-resolution in-tunnel display technology, adtrackmedia transforms the traditional subway experience. Our engaging media captivates and entertains subway riders during their daily commutes.

Our Global Advertising Clients

High impact advertising medium offering unique creative opportunities.

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Our Global Metro Partners

Our proprietary in-tunnel system meets the highest safety and engineering standards.

“Our riders reactions oscillated between surprise and curiosity. It certainly brought a positive experience to our riders, bringing some fun and making the trip more pleasant.”


President – ViaQuatro

“The technology being used by Digital Underground Media is amazing. The ability to change content is simple and quick. It allows advertisers to be culturally and socially relevant in a very timely manner. ”


President, CEO, Publicis Canada